Commercial Insurance

For success-driven people, having and managing their own dream business does not mean they can sit back and relax already.

There is a huge responsibility that comes with sustaining a profit-oriented endeavor and employing people. To ensure that your best interests, as well as that of your employees and third parties you deal with, are protected, having commercial insurance is a smart move.

Commercial insurance is insurance for a business. The policy essentially provides protection from liability that may arise involving the business property itself, the operation of the business (in relation to third parties like tenants, suppliers, vendors, customers, etc.) and to your employees (in case of on-the-job accidents or injuries).

The basic coverage of a commercial insurance include money held within the business premises or by an employee, products and good inventories in the office; interruption of business operation due to emergencies or unforeseen events, material damage to your business (glass fixtures, construction), burglary and theft (from basic items too large machinery and equipment) and public and products liability.

All kinds and sizes of businesses can be covered by commercial insurance. It is especially essential for enterprises that have a large customer base, located in high-risk or densely-populated areas, maintain a large inventory, or manages money and people in transit. By having commercial insurance, the business owner gains peace of mind knowing his or her investments are protected from possible risks that entail additional expenditure or worse, closing down the business.